Yoga For Those That Can't Do Perfect Headstands

The Om Institute supports yoga students who are truly here to connect to their bodies, increase mobility & strength, decrease stress, and take a unique and very effective approach to weight and food. We aren’t here to compete in complicated poses or compare our bodies. We help our students connect to their ideal body so they can feel lighter and more free. We are 100% virtual so you can get your yoga in anytime, anywhere.

Live, Interactive Yoga

If you are here just to get your yoga on we have live, interactive yoga every day with teachers from around the world. Click the Om Symbol to try out 2-weeks for only $22

Weight Loss Support

We know that many women are working very hard to lose weight and still finding themselves constantly worrying about weight and food. Click the apple to join our FREE Lighten Up challenge.

We Support Your Success Through Yoga & Connection

Live Interactive Yoga Classes

We know that yoga is an integral part of what makes us successful due to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. But we don’t want you to practice alone or attend yet another Livestream without any personal touch, or sense of community. Choose from over robust schedule of classes every week, and interact with our teachers, and women just like you without needing to commute anywhere. All lines are unmuted so you can talk to your teachers & new friends while we practice.

Pre-Recorded Yoga Courses

Deepen your yoga practice & find your balance and calm with our yoga courses. Courses cover topics like stress, exhaustion, weight, chronic pain, anxiety, strength & so much more. Forget libraries of pre-recorded classes these courses are designed strategically to help you be successful in both your professional & personal life. You can even buddy up and take courses with other members for added fun! 

Community & Connection

This is not just a place to take yoga courses and classes. Our #1 priority is fostering real, deep and meaningful relationships between women. You can bring women you love with you and we can connect you with other women you will vibe with. Not everyone has like-minded women in their town so we bring them to you! We have events throughout the month to help you connect with the teachers and each other including coaching, networking, & fun events with wine!

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