The Yoga Studio Experience Right To Your Living Room

  • Have you thought about finding an online yoga option so you don’t lose your yoga groove, but worry that just watching a video isn’t safe or a good replacement?
  • Do you long for teacher guidance, alignment help, inspiring energy & that yoga studio vibe but don’t feel it’s possible online?

We understand. And it’s exactly why we created The Om Institute.

We Help You Get Your Yoga In No Matter What

Live Interactive Yoga Classes

Don’t practice alone or attend yet another Livestream without any personal touch, or sense of community. Take a class live, and, most importantly interact with our teachers, and your fellow students live, without ever leaving home. All lines are unmuted so you can talk to your teachers and ask them for extra help.

Pre-Recorded Yoga Courses

Deepen your yoga practice & solve some of your most challenging symptoms through yoga! Courses cover topics like stress, exhaustion, weight, chronic pain, anxiety, strength & so much more. Forget libraries of pre-recorded classes these courses are designed strategically to help your body. Every topic has a free course just for you!

Individual Yoga Support

This is not like watching a free yoga video online. Before enrolling in classes we gather details about your goals and your body and share this information with the teachers so they are always ready for you in their classes. Need an alignment check? Just let your teacher know and they will peak in on you to help guide you.

New Member Program

Get Your Yoga On! Get Started With Our New Member Intro Program Today!

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