Are You An Overwhelmed Boss Mom Who Wakes Up Each Day, Puts on Her Yoga Pants & Somehow The Day Always Ends Without Fitting in Everything You Wanted?

  • You know you would feel best if you prepared all your food...
  • Went to yoga or at least found a class online to take...
  • Made time for yourself to get everything done...
  • And yet, every day ends feeling like you're just not doing enough...

If You're Searching For a Solution That Will FORCE You To Do the Yoga, Prep The Food, Be Social, Never Yell at Your Kids, Run a Successful Business, and Have Magical Sex With Your Husband...I'm going to level with you... forcing things don't work long-term. But here's what we can do..

We Can Get You On The Mat Consistently Without Force

We Can Reprogram The Brain Through Off The Mat Yoga

We Can Get You Easily Fitting in Self Care In Your Busy Life

Without abandoning our families, hiring Beyonce's staff, or waking up at 4am to fit it all in.

See the problem with other online and in person yoga studios is that we struggle to create a consistent habit since we're so busy or exhausted and it falls to the bottom of the list.​

It becomes no different than a gym membership:

  • We rarely ever use it
  • It’s cheap enough that we let it ride for a while
  • And at the end of the day we peel off our yoga pants feeling guilty and disappointed
  • Yet all we want is a balanced, peaceful life where we feel good about ourselves, our parenting, and our ability to do what we know is best for our body.

The Om Institute isn’t just another online yoga studio. We approach yoga from every possible angle so that your practice isn’t always rolling out your mat.

  • It could be pressing play in the car as your drop your kids off at school...
  • Watching a video while you get dressed...
  • Or even progressing through a program while cooking dinner for your family.

We don’t limit yoga to the physical practice because we know the truth about yoga. It is not just a physical practice.

Results Include But Are Not Limited To...

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Tension release
  • Less Anxiety
  • Increased Energy
  • Peaceful & Calm Mind
  • More Nourishing Relationships
  • Connection & Community
  • Increased Creativity & Fun
  • Career & Business Growth

Here's How it Works:

You choose your most pressing challenge from our list that is specifically designed for boss moms

You click “Get Started” on the course that most speaks to your exact challenges and then you just press play. You can press play on the video while you’re showering and getting dressed, driving in the car, cooking, or whatever other task you are already doing. We know you are busy and overwhelmed so we deliver the most impactful “off the mat” yoga information in a realistic way.

If you are able to carve out some time to roll out your mat you will engage with the yoga practice that helps alleviate the symptoms you’re experiencing. If rolling out the mat doesn’t seem to be an option you stick with the “off the mat” video.

We also have a yoga community that is full of moms just like you to connect with!

Imagine going to sleep every night knowing you did your yoga practice that day. Even if your yoga practice that day was learning about breathing, surrender, play, self-love, or anything that helps you expand your mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical health...

Ready to Get Started?

Each topic has both on and off the mat yoga options. You can start by simply pressing play and listening or by rolling out your mat and moving. All the “off-the-mat” yoga is designed to help you effortlessly get to your mat consistently. It’s completely free to get started so scan the list and pick the one that sounds the most like you!

Choose Your Most Pressing Complaint From Below & Get Started!