• Stretch & Restore M 4:30-5:30 PM PST

Constance Chu

Hi! I’m Constance. Born in Paris, I graduated from the University at Sorbonne with a degree in mathematics. Due to my analytical training, I’ve incorporated a scientific approach to my teaching, continually exploring and experimenting to optimize my methodology. I first started yoga following a serious injury, but I didn’t like it. Having a background in competitive sports, I found yoga too slow . I was accustomed to challenge my body with more intense activities and dynamic workouts. Then, after two weeks of practicing yoga, I started to feel pain subside in the parts of my body which were injured and began to regain my strength and flexibility. Through my own journey, I was able to experience the connection between yoga and its benefits to restoration and general health. As I started working with athletes in their training environment, I realized that the appropriate application of yoga was the missing component of a comprehensive performance training program while breathing was completely overlooked. After over seven years of studying and practicing different forms of movement and styles of yoga across more than 500 hours of training , I expanded my methodology to address common diseases (stress, anxiety, chronic pains, etc) outside of the athletic world. In my classes, you will experience a deep physical release using powerful breathwork and meditation, combined with deliberate flow movements and use of props. You’ll feel more relaxed, focused, and definitely more present.