Tuesday: Flow & Connect 2-3 PM PST 

Wednesday: Slow Flow for Balance & Coordination 9-10 AM PST 

Sunday: Restorative Tension Release 7-8 AM PST 

Erica Hutson - Helps students who feel Lost/Stuck/Unfulfilled

Hi there! I’m Erica! I most enjoy helping people explore the mind, body, and spirit connections that influence the way we see ourselves and interact with the world. As a practiced teacher, counselor and yoga instructor, I’ve most enjoyed supporting others in connecting to a greater potential. If you are feeling as though you’re at a stand still in life or unsure what it is that feels off about the day-to-day, I’d love to work with you and discover what it is that will move you forward. My practice consists of awareness training, shadow exploration and aspects of yoga including meditation, asana movement and breath work. I love seeing how these transformational practices take root for a person and activate the creative light energy inside us all. I am so excited to get to know you and connect! Feel free to book a private session with me to learn more.

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