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Erin Souik - Helps students who feel lost, stuck, and/or unfulfilled

My yoga journey began several years ago when I desired a more balanced way of life.  I grew tired of the racing through life, moving through my day and events and knowing I was missing life and meaning.  I felt unsure where my life was meant to be taking me, but started to make a commitment to shifting my perspective and journey to more mindful approaches on health and wellness.  During that time, I traveled to a few countries with the will to volunteer and  immerse myself in culture.  Upon return, something within me had shifted.  I was a practitioner of yoga at the time, but was really just dabbling in the practice.  I had no idea the intensity of the real work that I was already doing within.  Fast forward a few years and yoga became a far more integral part of my life.  A pathway to my True Self. I pursued teacher training and immediately began sharing through the gift of teaching.  Yoga has been the path and the opening to so many wonderful, spiritual experiences in my life.  I have been encouraged to grow, learn, evolve and transform my life in the most beautiful ways. Through yoga, I share with my students the power of the breath, stillness, meditation and the beauty of movement.  Connection to the Self is the way for empowerment, growth and the process of letting go.  I love to speak about energy, purpose, intention and the gi,ts we all already have within.  I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you and continuing on this journey together. 

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