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Gia-Raquel Esposito - Pain Management

Namaste. I completed my first Yoga training with Devalila in 2011 under Stephanie Pappas. The following year Devalila offered an inversion CE workshop which I also took part in and thoroughly enjoyed. Having then relocated from New Jersey to Philadelphia I had the pleasure of an in depth anatomy CE weekend at HotBox Yoga in Manayunk. In my early years as an instructor I worked predominantly with private clients, however, moving back to NJ I began teaching at studios in 2015 in addition to my private clients. It was last year that I became intrigued with Buti yoga, and became certified in May 2017. My respect for this innovative practice lasted and when the opportunity to double down on both my RYT and Buti certifications presented itself, I jumped at the chance. My original schooling is classified as Hatha Yoga, and while all encompassing, my personal practice favors the fluidity of Vinyasa. In January of 2018 a Vinyasa/Hot/Buti Yoga intensive 200HR Teacher training in Kona, Hawaii reset my personal and professional trajectory. My path forward: Airs Above Yoga offers clients a practice tailored to suit the needs of the Equestrian (and anyone who sits in a chair all day!)

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