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It's not just about the physical...

The Om Institute is an online yoga studio that customizes yoga courses for boss moms through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices. We approach yoga from every possible angle so that your practice isn’t always rolling out your mat. It could be pressing play in the car as your drop your kids off at school. Watching a video while you get dressed. Or even progressing through a program while cooking dinner for your family. We don’t limit yoga to the physical practice because we know the truth about yoga. It is not just a physical practice.

Go To Bed Happy

Pressing play on our various yoga courses allows you to treat yourself to a yoga practice without needing to carve out 90 minutes, drive over to your local yoga studio, or even move your body. Our unique combination of traditional yoga flow combined with meditation, mindfulness, breathe work, and other various tools will help increase your self-care and well being while decreasing stress and exhaustion. 

Results Include But Are Not Limited To...

Finally Be Consistent

Boss moms are often overwhelmed waking up each day, putting on their yoga pants & somehow the day always ends without fitting in everything they wanted. With The Om Institute their practice that day could be a 5 minute breathing exercise they do when they wake up. As they build the habit of self-care through quick & easy steps it becomes easier to get in a daily movement practice. The brain rewires to fit in this new healthy habit automatically.

How Does it Work?

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3...

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You click “Get Started” on the course that most speaks to your exact challenges and then you just press play. You can press play on the video while you’re showering and getting dressed, driving in the car, cooking, or whatever other task you are already doing. We know you are busy and overwhelmed so we deliver the most impactful “off the mat” yoga information in a realistic way.
If you are able to carve out some time to roll out your mat you will engage with the yoga practice that helps alleviate the symptoms you’re experiencing. If rolling out the mat doesn’t seem to be an option you stick with the “off the mat” yoga.

Why Do "Off The Mat" Yoga?

Combine The Brain & The Body

In a perfect world we would just easily do our yoga every day easily & effortlessly. But we have kids, and husbands, and a business, and our self-care often falls to the bottom of the list. Fortunately, off the mat yoga rewires the brain and automatically shifts our habits so that we become more calm and balanced and less overwhelmed and exhausted without even rolling out our mat. And when we are ready to move our bodies, the yoga is designed to support the body as opposed to tax it more. This allows the body to perform optimally including building muscle, burning fat, and increasing our overall wellness.

Who Needs The Om Institute?

Busy Moms

Moms are notorious for trying to do it all for everyone else and struggling to fit in time for themselves. Often times, when our children are young, there truly isn’t tons of extra time but self-care doesn’t have to wait, we just have to get creative to fit it in without taking away from the people we care about.

Exhausted Moms

Many moms are trying their best to fit in workouts, meal prep, and other healthy habits but struggle to get it all done. In the event they have time they may lack energy. They feel so exhausted the idea of working out, cooking, or putting effort into anything feels impossible. We focus on replenishing energy & recovery techniques.

Stressed Out Moms

The introduction to motherhood lacks sleep, requires all of our energy, and often leaves us depleted before we even begin. Add on business requirements and any other role we take on and it’s no wonder moms have high stress and overwhelm. We know that healthy habits like yoga, meditation, cooking would help decrease stress but we often struggle to do it. Our yoga courses are designed so you can “just press play” and reap the benefits of stress reduction.

Moms Struggling With Weight & Food

The typical weight loss and food advice is great for those who have time, resources, and energy. For the average mom, she struggles to follow through with the habits required by the typical weight loss program. We focus on creating a healthy relationship with food, movement, and the body so that our body does the heavy lifting for us. This allows us to feel lighter instantly as we no longer turn to food to cope and finally feel good in our bodies.

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