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Jennifer Degen - Exhaustion & Burn Out

I was looking for a way to recover from feelings of self-doubt after having had a traumatic brain surgery. I decided after watching the character Nick in the movie Enlighten Up, the yoga skeptic, tear up that yoga would be worth the experiment. The next day I committed to practice 100 straight days of yoga online. The intention at the time was to transform my pain. 12 years later, here I am a dedicated student of yoga, and teaching, coaching and facilitating yoga retreats is the center of my life as a Somatic Coach and Resiliency Expert. Having always been a spiritual seeker, with multiple losses, and injuries that influence my journey, I have discovered my intuition is my best guidance. That gut feeling and heartbreak have new meaning to me now. My classes are experiences for you to garner the tools that can support you to move through life’s inevitable disruptions, traumas and personal events that leave us contracted, exhausted, fearful, uncertain or addicted. My classes help you explore the truth of what is getting in the way of you living more wholly and fully. You will discover the sweet nectar of whole life fitness; deepen both your core values, while also restoring balance and strength back into your life. If you have a desire to feel more joy, ease and freedom, while deepening your commitments to yourself, then come to my class for some inspiration. We all have an inner guide that we can tap into to reach our greatest potential if we hold the mirror up to ourselves. See you in the yoga room!

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