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Julia Lamm - Helps Students With Chronic Pain & Pain Management

Julia is a 500-hr Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Core Exercise Specialist for back & pelvic health. She blends various movement modalities, corrective exercises as well as strength and mindful practices to create a whole body approach for enhancing movement potential and quality of life. You can say “Yes” to playing with kids or grandkids, running, hiking, lifting or jumping feeling confident in your body.

Wether you had children or not, your Core and Pelvic Floor function can affect how you move and feel at every stage of your life and visa versa. Core weakness and pee-sneezes, back and hip pain are not enjoyable parts of life. They are a way for the body to communicate that there are some imbalances in the whole system. It is never too late to create a shift for change.

Julia is passionate about guiding women through the journey of connecting with their deep core and reclaiming their core and pelvic floor strength so they get back to the activities they love feeling confident in their body. Expect to be progressively challenged and be ready for the increase of strength and confidence.


Core For Wellness

In this $200 course, you will:

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