• Power Yoga Flow TTh 1 PM PST

Julie Henderson - Strength

Hi, I’m Julie! Yoga has given me a complete re-birth of what life is about, and the beauty of actually living. Before yoga, I was completely run down with the rat race of society, going from thing to thing, crossing off my workouts for the sake of a completed to-do list, but all I felt was complete disconnection from myself, my purpose, and my own body. My students who come to my classes establish that re-connection to their bodies and experience what it’s like to tap into their inner fire and build strength. Movement through yoga for me is healing, it is what has brought me a deeper purpose and connection to myself and life. In my classes students will go from low energy, to feeling their inner fire, feeling energized, feeling their personal power be re-ignited and build full-body strength. My power yoga classes are designed to build and strengthen your whole body while getting you to connect with your breath and work up a sweat! My classes are designed to incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental endurance all in one class, each practice is customized, and inspired by teachers like Cat Meffan who inspired me to teach in the virtual yoga community, to bring you in each yoga practice the perfect blend of sweat and serenity in the comfort of your own zen den. My approach to yoga is simple, my intention is to give each student the space to show up on their mat each week, to be connected the hour we practice together with their own body, to always do what feels right in their body, to create the space for each student to discover themselves- so you know when you need to chill out and to know when you a challenge. I believe to my core that movement is the medicine of life, and the first way to bring a deeper awareness to mind body connection, a vital piece in healing. That’s why I have dedicated my life and career to MOVEMENT, and became a personal trainer, and completed my yoga teacher training in Sedona, Arizona. My path has allowed me to learn the science behind how the body works, all it’s anatomy, and physiology, and how everything divinely functions as one. Through my education in dental science and dental hygiene, I have seen patients with various lifestyle diseases, chronic illnesses, and most of all stress-related illnesses brought on by our go-go society and disconnection from our own minds and bodies. I have seen the damage first hand of what happens when you aren’t living from your heart space, and living in a constant state of stress, tension, and external stimuli. Yoga, movement with breath, and allowing pent up prana (energy) to flow through your body is life changing. I am a student of life, and constantly diving deeper into my personal yoga practice and learning more and more about yoga and the connection with breath and strength. I believe movement and natural healing through ayurvedic and plant-based nutrition at its core is essential in our society to get out of our minds and into our bodies, to relish in the mind-body connection to live out a deeper more conscious existence. With my blend of strength and power with breathwork in my classes, I hope you will feel my high energy to each and every one of my students for my undeniable love of the practice, as well as my constant desire to continue to learn and deepen my knowledge through my own continued yoga education as well as my experience with other forms of movement through personal training and functional fitness. Can’t wait to see you there!