• Strengthen & Stretch Sat 7 AM PST

Krista Boulding - Strength

Krista Boulding is a Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer with a passion for helping women build strength from the inside and out! She is a firm believer in approaching strength from a holistic and client centred perspective. Krista is mindful and concise with her program design and always considers the clients needs first. 
Krista loves downdogs and childs pose just as much as she loves deadlifts and chin ups! She encourages a balanced approach and believes that everyone can benefit from improving their strength. 
Krista is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Coach. She is also trained in Kettlebells, and Women Specific Strength Training. She took her first 200 Hour Yoga teacher training 4 years ago and has since taken several other Yoga certifications focused on mindful strength, functional movement, and biomechanics.  
Krista owns KB Strength + Wellness where she coaches women in person and online. She runs a membership site for women looking to build strength and learn how to lift weights, get strong, and feel empowered!
Her knowledge of the body and passion for building strength comes through in her class cueing and teaching style. If you need help improving your strength and stability so that you can feel strong on the mat and in the rest of your life, you can definitely benefit from her effective coaching programs!