Learn The "OM Formula" For Women Over The Age of 40 That Work Hard & Appear To Have it All to Find Community, Connection, & Calm Through a Unique Yoga Studio

When It's Happening

What You'll Learn During This Free Training

The 3 Steps to Eliminate Stress & Overwhelm For Peace & Balance

Learn how to easily navigate through stress and overwhelm with the connection & community of other like-minded women.

How I Went From “Stressed Out Type-A Woman” to “Calm Yogi”

Discover your most connected and authentic version of yourself cultivating a stronger sense of peace and fulfillment.

How Traditional Health & Wellness Advice Creates More Stress & Exhaustion

Learn how to marry health, self-care, and fitness together for a more balanced life and a much happier body.


Busy professional women are loving this quick and insightful presentation, so register today!

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