Become a Member of The Om Institute

Membership definitely has its perks! You pay less for live yoga & courses, get support from teachers, and join the community of other boss moms just like you! Choose a membership below and start using your perks. 

Free Pre-Recorded Yoga Courses

Yoga teachers from all around the world have put together the most incredible yoga courses for you to alleviate your most pressing symptoms. Courses on stress, exhaustion, weight, food, anxiety, pain, and everything you need to get the most out of your yoga practice and your life.

These courses are great to strengthen your weekly practice or to use as your yoga for the week if you can’t get to a live class. Courses can be both on or off the mat so that you can practice your “yoga” everyday even if it’s listening to a video while cooking dinner that day. Every course you complete earns you a ticket to our monthly Om Institute raffle!

Monthly Office Hours

Every month a rotating yoga teacher will carve out an hour of her schedule to answer all of your questions. She will hop into the Om Institute community and stay present with you as you type in your questions. She will type in responses so that you can get your questions answered in real time and receive the support you deserve as you practice yoga.

Participants are given a ticket to our monthly Om Institute raffle!

The Om Institute Community

We believe there is nothing more important than community so we wanted to create a safe space where our students could connect with us teachers and with the other students. Recognize your fellow classmates and learn more about them so you can build relationships with other women just like you! This unique community of like-minded women is super powerful for helping you connect in this busy, fast-paced world.

Each week a challenge is posted for you to increase your mind-body connection and feel better in your body. Participants in the challenge are given a raffle ticket to win the monthly Om Institute prize.

Monthly Group Session

As yoga students we often need more than a simple question answered here or there. We need to interact with our teachers to ask questions about our poses or other mind-body concerns. This can be difficult to do in the middle of a live class. This monthly group session is your chance to interact with a rotating teacher and get guidance and support on camera. She carves out an hour of her time just to be available to support you and your yoga practice. She can also see you in case you want to ask for assistance with your physical practice. Participants in the challenge are given a raffle ticket to win the monthly Om Institute prize.

30% Off Pre-Recorded Courses

In addition to free pre-recorded courses we have unique, process-driven courses that will walk you through specific steps to achieve your goals. Courses on releasing stress, sleeping better, healing exhaustion and burn out, losing weight without losing your mind, healing overeating and starting mindful eating, easing anxiety and pain… all these courses are strategic steps for you to follow for 1, 2, 3, or 4 months to relieve your most pressing symptoms. Courses range from $27 up to $500 and you get 30% off all of them!

Om Institute T-Shirt

I tried on a few shirts before I landed on this super cute and comfy shirt with our lotus flower and business name. Stand tall and proud in your Om Institute merch with our coveted hashtag bossmomswhoyoga written across the back. Before you know it other moms will be asking where you yoga so they can join.

30-Minute Private Session

As an unlimited yoga member you may find yourself in a position to need some one-on-one guidance. This 30-minute session is your chance to connect with a yoga teacher of your choosing privately. The session will be customized to your needs so you can receive the support you need. Our teachers each have expertise in certain facets of yoga and you can choose the teacher that best suits your current challenges.