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Montse Gili - Lost/Stuck/Unfulfilled

Montse has been working for the last 20 years, among other things, mentoring young artists in the world of theatre and performance. It was her passion for sharing and to help others realise their potential, that eventually lead her onto the path of yoga teaching. A practitioner since the late 90s, she never considered teaching, but finally took the leap and… couldn’t be happier! Montse first trained in the UK and later on added another 500hr in Rishikesh, India, with Krisha and Sangeeta Shikhwal, working with them on traditional hatha yoga, with elements of Iyengar style alignment and restorative yoga. Her classes are relaxed, friendly, with emphasis on alignment and large doses of humour. Everyone feels welcome, regardless of their level of skill or how long they had on the mat. Montse’s moto is ‘be your own template’, both in life and in yoga… Your shape is unique and so is your life, so don’t follow the ‘should be or look like this or that’; find your own path… on and off the mat. Montse will gently guide you in that exploration, as she has done with actors over the years she can help you find your own path, your own uniqueness and your own yoga practice. “She is a fantastic teacher in both the dynamic and more restorarative classes. Above all, she is a great facilitator who cares for you every step of the practice and encourages you to own your own practice and work within your availability to get into a pose, without needlessley pushing into a particular shape. I can highly recommend her classes!” – Matt Fennemore

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