Let's Take Networking To A Whole 'Nother Level!

Women thrive in communities and sisterhoods. And we need each other to reach our highest levels of success.

And frankly, aren’t you just tired of doing it all alone?

That’s exactly why we created The Om Institute.

This unique community of professional women over the age of 40 focuses on connection & community from a mind-body perspective.

In other words, this isn’t just any community, it’s a mind-body community.

Memberships include perks like live yoga, courses to increase balance and calm, networking opportunities, and even support from amazing teachers all over the world.

Our most important focus though… fostering real, deep and meaningful relationships between women.

When we feel connected to ourselves, our bodies, and other women… we have the ability to reach our highest levels of success.

Instead of inviting you to one networking meeting, we invite you to a networking group with meetings to attend, conversations to be had, and a place to continue growing and connecting. Best part.. it’s totally free!