Sara Ann’s Classes:

  • Slow Flow MWF 7:30 AM PST
  • Gentle Flow T 7:30 AM PST
  • Meditation + Community Share Th 7:30 AM PST

Sara Ann Aerts - Here For The Yogi's Looking For More Life Fulfillment

“We are always one decision away from changing our lives. Choose wisely and come ALIVE!”
Sara Ann is all too familiar with those words. For in a moment, she made one decision that did in fact change the course of her life forever. “The day I turned in my badge and watched one dream come to a close, to give life to an even bigger one was a life-altering, transformational day.”
Serving as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation was all Sara Ann knew for most of her life. What began as a childhood fantasy, became a 14-year reality that gave her every cutting edge resource to live life at the ultimate level. Learning the inner workings of the government, complex personal human behavior patterns, courage in the face of crime, the ability to charge ahead when all others retreat, years of gaining knowledge, skills and personal accomplishments that most will never know. It is with those credentials and contrast that she chose to share LOVE and all she continues to realize about the true key to human fulfillment.
LOVE has catapulted her to new heights and she intends to spread it wildly. Her big vision is to inspire humans everywhere to stand up, raise their words and speak their truth from a deep, deep space of love. The ability to do this comes from making the decision to heal yourself first, and then stand strong. Stand proud. Stand loud. All coming from big LOVE.
Sara Ann is a powerhouse, ready to connect and grow with every soul aching to truly BE more LOVE.

Connect with Sara Ann

Sara Ann is the live studio manager here at The Om Institute. She helps our teachers reach more students for fuller classes and more impact. If you are a yoga teacher that would like to book a time to speak with Sara Ann to see how she can help your yoga business, select a time from her calendar below:


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