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Stacee Finkelstein - Helps Students with Stress & Anxiety

Hi! My name is Stacee and I’m the owner of Stamaste. Stamaste is a yogic lifestyle company that creates a warm, safe, serene space for anyone who wishes to start yoga, or deepen their yoga practice

I was inspired to explore yoga by my grandmother. Within a year of starting my personal yoga practice, I began to notice subtle shifts in the way that I carried myself ,my posture, and overall confidence. Inspired by these internal transformations, I took my first 200-hour yoga teacher training program in 2015. I am currently an E-RYT 500 hour instructor, trained in hatha and vinyasa yoga.

I began studying hatha and vinyasa yoga under seasoned teacher Faith Hunter. I would continue on my yoga path to attend pranayama and meditation retreats, deepening my spiritual connection to the practice of yoga and to myself. I have also attended many sequencing workshops, in which I explored how to create a unique sequence to elevate my future yoga classes.

After achieving my 500 hour certification, I have learned innovative and creative methods of designing an enlightened experience for my students, utilizing meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, chants, and mantras. I was also trained in kudalini yoga by combining postures, breathing, eye focus, hand positions, and meditation to strengthen the body and uplift the spirit. My advanced teacher training also prepared me for chakra healing and chakra sequencing. I am so excited to be continue on this journey of yoga and deepen her knowledge of advanced yoga sequencing and theory not only for my students, but also for myself.


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