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Help, I haven't enrolled in any free courses...

First of all, I fully understand where you are at. And, I appreciate that you are here. Some part of you still knows that practicing yoga consistently is important and you’ve chosen to hang with the “omies” over here at The Om Institute and we are grateful for that. 

Most people focus on forcing their habits to change through discipline, willpower, and repetition. I invite you to let go of that strategy. The only skill we really need to easily implement habit changes is presence. When we are present, we are more rational and logical with our choices.

It’s when we check out and revert to auto-pilot that we can’t seem to consistently do what is best for ourselves. So the only skill you really need is presence.

If you haven’t already grabbed the “30 Days of Presence” program I highly recommend you do that now. It’s only $27. Click here to get started.

If you already purchased it and haven’t started, now is the time!

If you are struggling to do the program please consider getting some additional support. We have memberships exactly for this reason. Click Here to Check Them Out.

I've enrolled in free courses and I haven't even started 

Thank you for your honesty with where you’re at. I know it can be frustrating when we think we are going to do something, get excited, and the implementation stops there.

Whenever I work with clients privately and they don’t do an assignment I do not respond with anger or disappointment. They always have the option to choose not to follow instructions. What I’ve learned about humans is that when they don’t do the things that are aligned with their ultimate goals, there is always an underlying reason. And force, is not the answer to overcome those reasons.

My invitation to you is to click here and go through this short process to help you get to the bottom of why you haven’t started. I hope it helps!

I've enrolled in free courses, I've started, but I haven't completed any

First of all, congrats on starting your courses! If you haven’t completed any courses it is always fair to ask what part we played in that. Perhaps it wasn’t the course for you. If so, please let us know in the reviews so we can improve our courses. And then I invite you to try another course as there are many different teachers, styles, and course topics to choose from! So feel free to click here and take our yoga quiz (even if you already have) and find another course that better fits your needs.

If you are enjoying the course, and you are frustrated or confused as to why you haven’t completed it I invite you to click here and go through this short process to better understand the reality of why you haven’t finished. I hope it helps!

I'm enrolling, I'm finishing, I am on fire!

Congrats on finishing your courses! I am thrilled that you are rolling through our yoga content and are on fire. Please don’t forget to leave reviews for the courses you take so that others know what to expect from the course.

Since you are a course completer I would highly recommend upgrading your membership to level 2 or 3 so you can get 30% off all our paid courses. Our paid courses are absolutely incredible and well worth the investment without the discount. But, since you are rolling through our courses it just makes sense to save some money too. Click here to check out our other membership options and I look forward to seeing you in the group coaching calls and/or private sessions!