Are You A Yoga Teacher Who Would Love to Teach Valuable Content Online?

The Om Institute is an online yoga studio for busy boss moms who wear yoga pants but struggle to take yoga consistently. And the teachers make all of this possible for them.

Teacher Requirements

  • A 30-90 minute Intro Course for Free Members
  • A 4, 8, 12, or 16 week Mind-Body Course for Self-Study
  • Group Q&A Call 1x/year
  • Office Hours 1x/year outside of Live Courses
  • Occassional private sessions with members
  • OPTIONAL: Engagement in the Facebook Group
  • OPTIONAL: Teach your multi-week course LIVE
  • Office Hours for Live Courses for students to ask questions

Payout For Teachers

  • 50% of sales for student enrollments for your course.
  • 40% of sales for students brought into The Om Institute
  • 90% of sales if the student is brought in by you for a course you teach
  • 40% of membership fees for your students

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