The Om Network Membership

This community is only for paying members who are committed to mind-body work and growing themselves personally as well as professionally. Joining this community is unlike any other.

What You Get:

All For $197/Month

We know that yoga is an integral part of what makes us successful due to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits. We also don’t want just anybody in this community, we want women that are committed to their personal and professional lives. So we use our daily yoga as a way for you to improve your personal life + connect with other members. We don’t want you to practice alone or attend yet another Livestream without any personal touch, or sense of community. Choose from over 40 live classes every week, and interact with our teachers, and women just like you without needing to commute anywhere. All lines are unmuted so you can talk to your teachers & new friends while we practice. Click here to view our schedule. And if you aren’t into practicing yoga in a group, we have private and semi-private yoga options.

If you’ve ever been to a rubber chicken lunch or a traditional networking meeting you can rest assured that you will not find this experience at The Om Institute. We network and connect the OM way which is through fostering deeper connections and relationships. We will learn about what we need and how we can support one another so we become a force out in the world. This is also an excellent way to clarify your message and elevator pitch as you will receive feedback if the other members don’t understand what you do or how you are different. In the end, we can all help each other grow our careers and our friendships.

Based on your business goals and specifications you will be placed in a small mastermind group for you to connect and collaborate with other members. Use our “Mastermind Success Guide” to set up meetings that are productive and profitable. Plus, make friends and times to take yoga together!

In addition to free pre-recorded courses we have unique, process-driven courses that will walk you through specific steps to achieve your goals. Courses on releasing stress, sleeping better, healing exhaustion and burn out, losing weight without losing your mind, healing overeating and starting mindful eating, easing anxiety and pain… all these courses are strategic steps for you to follow for 1, 2, 3, or 4 months to relieve your most pressing symptoms. Courses range from $27 up to $500 and you get 30% off all of them!

All For $197/Month