Work With Michelle

For Yoga Teachers Who Are Looking to Create a Powerful Online Presence

If you have a desire to bring your knowledge and passions to the internet but feel lost or don’t know where to start, I would love to guide you in creating an online business that fuels your soul and your bank account.

Need to be able to have Michelle put her eyes on your business collateral but don’t need extensive phone coaching? Email coaching gives you unlimited email support from Michelle. Michelle will respond within 48 hours with written or video responses to help you grow your online business. The flexibility of email coaching allows for a smaller investment of both time and money and works great for women who just need to be able to get support, advice, and reviews of business materials.

This is for yoga teachers that need accountability and guidance but not extensive coaching and consulting. These 15-minute laser sessions would be focused on answering specific questions and providing solutions to avoid wasting time, money, and energy. This would be best for yoga teachers that have already started their online business and want some strategy to grow and be more profitable and impactful.

This is for yoga teachers that need help with creating their online presence effectively. Coaching would focus on web design, creating digital courses, social media strategy, Facebook and Instagram ads and how to structure products and services to serve people efficiently while staying aligned with peace and ease. This is ideal for yoga teachers who don’t have a strong online presence or would like to maximize their growth for their established online business.

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